Wine Making Supplies

Wine Making Supplies


Blackstone Valley Brewing Supplies not only has pre-built beer kits but also keeps a large selection of wine kits in stock.
If you are getting into wine for the first time we offer a pre-built wine kit that gives you almost everything you need to dive into the home wine making.


The K5 Wine Equipment Kit includes:
7.8 Gallon Drilled Primary Fermenting Bucket with Drilled & Grommeted Lid
6 Gallon Glass Carboy with Rubber Stopper
3-Piece Airlock (for Fermenting Bucket)
Adhesive Thermometer (for Fermenting Bucket)
Automatic Pump-style Siphon with 5′ of flexible tubing
Dual Function Bottle Filler (½″ OD)
Fast-Flow Bottling Spigot
Glass, Triple Scale Hydrometer
8 oz of B-BRITE™ Cleanser
Enjoy Home Winemaking by Robert & Eileen Frishman
Wine Equipment Kit Instruction







We always have wine kits from RJ Spagnols Craft Winemaking in house. White, Red, Rose, whatever your preference we can get it and help you with any questions brewing it

We also offer a full assortment of Wine, Mead and Cider Yeasts
We can help you mix and match yeasts to whatever you are brewing


Wine Yeast

  • Premier Classique (Montrachet)
  • Premier Cuvee
  • Premier Rouge (Pasteur Red)
  • Lalvin BM 4X4
  • Lalvin Bourgovin RC 212
  • Lalvin D47
  • Lalvin EC-1118
  • Lalvin QA23
  • Lalvin 71B-1122

Mead Yeast

  • WLP720 Sweet Mead/Wine Yeast

Cider Yeast

  • WLP616 Funky Cider Blend
  • WLP775 English Cider Yeast
  • Safcider Dry Cider Yeast